Im more cleverer than you and why to much knowledge is not power

I have decided to write another blog alongside my usual informative one, this blog will be about whatever. My usual blog is designed to create a library of helpful things to current clients and anyone else that reads it online. This new blog might not always be about exercise, might be long and might be short. If I reference conversations that I have had with people please note that I would have ALWAYS asked permission to reference them. 

For as long as I can remember people have commented on how vastly intelligent I am. It’s not like I try very hard at being clever it just seems to come naturally for me, like a computer. If asked any question I will always have an answer. Recently a super intelligent AI system was created called CHAT GPT, since its creation a lot of people have started calling me CHAT GP-LEIGH due to my vast knowledge of the field of health, fitness and most other stuff. If you were to think of any question related to fitness, weight loss, muscle building I would immediately have the correct answer. Questions like:

  • “Leigh, precisely how much should I exercise and how many calories should I consume in order for me to lose 44lbs?”
  • “Leigh, How can I lose all the body fat around my midsection?”
  • “Leigh, If I am in ketosis will I be burning body fat only?”

Here’s the thing though, I am not that intelligent nor do I know everything about health and fitness but what I do possess is far more helpful to clients than responding with  the “textbook” answers to every question.

Lets start with an example using the first question in the above list this example will be the textbook response

We will base this on a 50 year old lady 5ft5 who will embark on a 3-5 times a week exercise program at moderate intensity

To lose 1 pound per week, you need to create a calorie deficit of approximately 500 calories per day, as 1 pound of body weight is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories. So, your adjusted daily calorie intake for a 1-pound-per-week weight loss goal would be:

1,457.775 (Maintenance calorie amount) – 500 (calorie deficit for 1 pound per week) = 957.775 calories per day


Below is what my answer might be like 

Client “Leigh, precisely how much should I exercise and how many calories should I consume in order for me to lose 44lbs?”

Leigh “How much do you currently weigh ?”

Client “Last time I weighed myself I think I was about 200lbs”

Leigh “What is the significance of 44lbs ? why have you chosen that amount?”

Client “Its what I weighed at college and I was at my happiest shape”

Leigh “Since college has the weight slowly accumulated? “

Client “Yes, after I had kids its got progressively more and seems like recently it has been getting worse”

Leigh ” Have you tried any diets or exercise plans in order to help you lose it in the past”

Client “Yes, some of the diets worked for a bit but then the weight eventually ended up coming back”



Im gonna stop here, this conversation would however be a very long one and will not include the textbook answer that I stated in the above section. My main purpose with this back and forth is to establish some overall key points and get an idea of the persons personalty. I do understand that you might think its hard for someone to gauge a persons personalty with one discussion and your right, im not for one minute saying that I know the person inside out but believe me I have had more practice with these conversations than you could possibly imagine. I will always come away from it knowing what I need to to to help them with there goal. Here are some of the key points of what im trying to learn from them in this conversation.

  • Why do you want to achieve this and why you think that will make you happy
  • What you have done before in attempt to solve this and why it ultimately failed
  • Is this person ready, are they truly looking for guidance, are prepared to listen and not just looking for a quick fix
  • What areas in there life will be vastly improved if this is achieved
  • What they love doing
  • What they love eating
  • What there hobbies and passions are
  • What they currently eat and are they eating anything that I can remove without them even noticing
  • What the people around them are eating and exercising like
  • What Tv shows they love

This list could go on for quite a while, as you can see I am really trying to get a broad picture of the persons habits, triggers, likes dislikes etc. This will ultimately help me with where we start with the diet and exercise regime. Whilst the calories in and the calories out equation are the only factor that will yield results, transitioning to that point and staying there for a long time is not something that I like to just switch on immediately. Usually most people that are looking to lose weight have been eating badly for a long time and getting them out of these habits and adjusting them into better ones is best done slowly so that it becomes something that they are happy to do and happy to do it for the long run.



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  1. Sue Dewar 12/10/2023 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    Leigh has helped me to go slowly and carefully achieve ( nearly) my optimum weight.